So you want to make sea moss gel . . .

Hello my love. SURPRISE! THIS is my very first blog post. I figured why not keep it simple and make the very first page of our brand new blog, "The Glow Up Guide" all about the easy yet rewarding process of making your very own sea moss gel...

After all, sea moss was the first item in my shop, and is hands down the best supplement I have ever integrated into my routine. All bodies are unique experiences, but personally ... I can feel the effects of sea moss from the moment I consume it, and when used consistently (though I do take intuitive breaks with all supplements) my well being improves, and health feels very effortless. 

Because sea moss is a food based supplement, the minerals and nutrients we are after are integrated into the body much easier than with a pill or powder.

Famed for having 92 of the 102 minerals the human body needs for optimum performance, sea moss carries a wide, far reaching variety of benefits that varies person to person. 

Before we get into the recipe. . . 

Why consume Sea Moss? 

Here are a few of the well known benefits  

    • Helps the body rid itself of excess mucus and inflammation in the respiratory and lymphatic system through potassium chloride, omega-3 fatty acids, and chlorophyll. 
    • Acts as a natural decongestant, and prevents illness through supporting the immune system 
    • Iodine and Selenium content support a healthy Thyroid function, which keeps your hormones balanced. Hormonal imbalance can cause menstruation problems, fibroids, fertility issues, and more. 
    • Digestive aid - cooling & soothing in effect, sea moss coats the stomach and can ease acid reflux.
    • High fiber content promotes regular elimination. Waste elimination is key to a healthy functioning body.
    • Supports reproductive health - rich in zinc! In the Caribbean it is widely praised as a builder of sexual endurance.
    • High mineral content helps to boost and stabilize moods - when your body is malnourished, you become irritable, anxious, and depressed. 
    • Iodine content  supports a healthy metabolism, which boosts overall energy. 
    • Good for maintaining a healthy weight. Sea moss is a low calorie food that absorbs moisture (when you soak it it expands!) this creates a feeling of fullness. 
    • Protein, Beta-Carotene, B Vitamins, Pectin, Taurine, and Vitamin C are all necessary to healthy body function and can all be found in Sea Moss 
    • Taurine is an amino acid that is usually lacking in a vegan/vegetarian diet -- Sea Moss can help with cravings when transitioning away from meat. 
    • Promotes healthy iron levels 
    • Anti-inflammatory properties may help with joint pain
    • Helps with work out recovery & reducing soreness! 
    • Post-surgery or injury recovery. 

The list goes on! Next you might want to know... 

How Do I Eat It? 

Many people will see the crunchy dried up sea moss and wonder . . . how am I supposed to eat that? The good news is, the experience can be easy, and tasteless -- especially if you are already in the practice of consuming hot tea, or a smoothie daily.
The easiest and most effective way to consume sea moss is to wash and soak the dried moss, and then blend it into a gel using purified or distilled water. The goopy leftover gel will harden into whatever air tight container you put it in pretty much as soon as it is refrigerated. 

Let's get into the recipe.


 A big bowl 
Purified or distilled water 
Dried wild harvested sea moss 
An air tight container* 
*I use a glass jar, but a Tupperware works as well. 
- Optional: key limes 

 How to Make Sea Moss Gel: 

    • Take a small amount of dried sea moss & wash thoroughly. If you are using our dried wild harvested sea moss, it has already been pre-washed to remove rocks and debris, but rinsing again before soaking is the way to go.

      --> For reference: An 8oz bag makes about 7-10 16oz jars of gel. Start with about an ounce of dried moss, and it will expand 4x its size once added to the water. 
    • Cover the dried moss with purified or distilled water in a large bowl. Use a bigger bowl than you think or the moss will be climbing out of the water in a few hours. 
    • Soak for 2-24 hours. Soak time is totally a matter of preference, so finding out what you like will take some experimentation - but getting to know the foods you eat is an important energetic process! So no worries.

      --> I like to soak my moss for 6-8 hours, overnight, so I can blend the gel in the rising, and used everything I couldn't get out of the blender in my smoothie for the day.

      --> My advice: if you like extra smooth gel, soak it for longer, but change the water after 24 hours. Add lime juice to the water while its soaking if the ocean taste bothers you. 
    • Whenever you're ready, strain and add the moss to a blender. 

      --> I personally like using this water, so I strain into a bowl. Later I either add it to smoothies for the nutrient benefit, or to a bath or hair rinse. The mineral content makes my skin and hair feel super soft. 
    • Add new purified/distilled water little by little to achieve desired thickness. Blended sea moss should be a thick goopy liquid. 

      --> I like to add lime juice to my gel. Not only does it help neutralize the taste, but it also extends the shelf life of the gel for from 1-2 weeks to 3-4 in the fridge
    • Once it’s ready pour it in a jar, and store it in the fridge. It will harden into jello-like gel pretty soon after it’s refrigerated.

      --> You can add this gel to smoothies, add it to hot tea, cook with it, make sauces with it (it acts as a thickener).

      --> Topically, the gel is also an incredibly simple yet effective face or hair mask. Great for acne & sensitive skin.


  • Adding lime slices, or squeezing lime juice into the water while you soak will help reduce the ocean taste later

  • You can increase the shelf life of the sea moss from 2 weeks in the fridge to 3 weeks in the fridge if you blend with lemon or lime juice. Adding other fruits to the gel will decrease the shelf life. 

  • Infuse the gel with herbs by making a strong tea with herbs of choice, and then use it to make the gel in place of the water. I like doing this with burdock root since it is beneficial to the skin both topically and internally, just like the sea moss. 

And that's it! I hope this helps friends.
Let me know how your gel turns out, and how the sea moss treats you. 

xx talk soon 


*Please know and understand that I am not a medical doctor! Nothing published on this website should be taken as medical advice. Your body is your responsibility. If you have serious health issues, seek out the assistance of a medical professional you trust. 

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