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🥂QUEEN OF CUPS🥂 Belly Chain

🥂QUEEN OF CUPS🥂 Belly Chain

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Elevate your look and your energy! Bless your wombspace. 

Made from picture jasper, flower jade, sandalwood beads, and copper wire, this belly chain is a stunning combination of earthy, natural material. It's giving... the nurturing, creative energy of the Queen of Cups. 

Jasper is an incredibly grounding stone that promotes emotional healing and stability. It is believed to protect against negative energies and encourage feelings of tranquility and comfort

Jade is a powerful stone that promotes prosperity, growth, and creativity. It is believed to enhance the wearer's intuition and wisdom, as well as attract abundance and good fortune

Sandalwood has a grounding, calming effect on the mind and body, promoting a sense of inner peace and spiritual well being. 

Copper wire is a powerful conductor of energy, and is believed to enhance the properties of the stones. 

Wearing these waist beads will help you embody the energy of the Queen of Cups, a tarot card associated with nurturing, creativity, and emotional intuition. This talisman can be a powerful tool for expanding abundance, healing, and creativity with your intention. 

The Queen of Cups comes as a set of 3. Wear it as a set, wear each piece on its own, or layer it with other jewelry to create a unique, powerful look. It can be worn on your torso, or even as a necklace, making a versatile accessory you can use in many ways. 

These beads are made to order and can take up to 2 weeks to ship.
Below you can select from 2 variations - exactly as pictured, OR I can make you a unique intuitive pattern with the same beads. 

Be sure to take the measurements without sucking in, and while you are sitting down! 
If you don't see your size listed, contact me! I got you <3 

Each chain includes a 3 inch extender chain and a sterling silver lobster clasp.

If your piece does not fit as expected, or if you lose/gain weight - you can ship it back to me for a $10 adjustment.

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