The Portal - Starts June 12

Spend 12 weeks in sacred container with likeminded women on a common path. The Portal is all about reclaiming your power, expanding into & embodying the higest version of yourself. Combining time tested holistic health practices, and proven transformational life coaching techniques, we will work together both 1:1 and in a group setting to develop your dream reality from the inside out.

Are you ready to accelerate your glow up?


is all about tapping in, finding/nurturing the real you, ceremony & ritual, setting intention.

we dive deeper into how to use cosmic energies to balance & get connected to the body, mental/ physical/spiritual nourishment, Ayurvedic lifestyle, lifelong to tools for healing through food/lifestyle.

is about creating a plan, transforming your outer reality & practices for opening to recieve



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In some ways, I feel completely changed as a person. Or at least the way I am awake to food, "food," and how it affects me. I've never been someone who eats hella jun k food or even a little. I avoid refined sugars and all that nonsense. But now I am more able to hear what my body has to say about whatever I put in it. Thank you ❤️"

Jackie was and is amazing. She's a very open minded individual which resonated with me and reinforced my own sense of freedom in this current state of the world. Overall, I highly recommend Jackie to any one in need of assistance on their life journey"

After a tumultuous year, I was plagued with symptoms of stress and anxiety. Jackie helped me refocus on my own body and health with her dynamic energy, thoughtful insight, and knowledgable advice. A few simple changes in my physical routines, along with some amazing additions to my nutritional intake sent me on a glorious path to an improved sense of well being."

Proud of you. I can't tell you enough. I've changed my lifestyle in so many ways thanks to you.

I wasn't really looking for your standard health coach. But I was feeling super isolated from all the major shifts in my life over the past couple years. I knew this would help me with reprogramming myself, and shifting my mindset. Having contact, connection, and support was really what I needed. I got exactly that working with Jackie. I felt good about investing in her, and investing in myself, and I'm finishing the program feeling more aligned with true self and best life"

It's the practical, every day small changes that have made the most difference. Thank you for showing me how easy it can be."

The lessons & support you have provided me with over the last 8 weeks has been invaluable. Thank you for providing this space to grow. I feel so much more in touch with my body, and so much more calm and grounded in my approach to keeping healthy."